Oud Elite

Floor : Ground Floor

Timings : 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Phone 06 7649980

Email info@oudelite.com


In 2007, Oud Elite started its journey to innovate, create and passionately provides its clients with an essential and exquisite perfume experience. The inner and constant belief that your perfume is a strong sign of who you are, was and always been.

We bring decades of experience in the fragrance field in every product line , down to the last drop. Our team works day and night to carry nothing but the best to our customers, we also created a very trendy, luxury and modern concept to give them an irreplaceable shopping experience where they feel value for their money in each single detail.

Since then, we at Oud Elite strive to maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients by offering them best quality and after sale services.

Oud Elite is operating more than 350 retail stores around the GCC and Iraq, where an affordable luxury is not a slogan, it is what we are is offering to the perfume lovers now.

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