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Welcome to the most trusted brand name in mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop care. Years of unparalleled credibility and outstanding customer service has made IFIX one of the leading brands in sales and care of electronic devices.

The most experienced and expert team to care of your Smartphones, Tablets, Personal Computers and Laptops.

We care for all your devices with utmost responsibility and quality. Our team of experienced technicians have been carefully chosen to be part of the team so that we fulfill our commitment of quality on time service. We maintain constant communication with our customers to give them the confidence their devices are in the right hands during the entire service process. We respect the privacy of our customers and hence any data left unformatted in any device is formatted before being handed over to our technicians. From the monent, you hand over the device to our pick-up technician, you can track the entire process from this portal.

We provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services at your location. We assure you of our commitment of quality and your convenience.

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